Website back-up could save you hundreds of dollars

. Broken website can cost you hundreds of dollars to fix! This is especially true if your website has been hacked. You will find anything from: website gone blank unwanted and embarrassing links added to every page website looks broken … Read more


Augmented Reality 3D House

AR is difficult concept to explain Nothing beats actually showing it in action so here's a video. I employed a 3D modeller to create a model of a modern house then had it wired to the Vuforia SDK for my … Read more


Undo Gmail send

Undo Gmail and avoid embarrassment Have you ever sent an email and found that you regretted it right after clicking send button? I know I have. Whether I - Forgot to proof-read - Forgot an attachment - Spoke my mind … Read more


Siri – your VA

Using Siri as your Digitial VA Apple Siri is a great little app on the iPhone that doesn't get enough attention. This video demonstrates only 2 out of the many activities that Siri can actually do. Use Siri as your … Read more


Siri – dictation application

Just speak and Siri will convert it into text Are you slow at typing on the virtual keyboards on smart devices? This is another great reason why you should use Siri. Siri's voice recognition function can easily convert your every … Read more


Using swipe – an alternative way to type on smart phones

Swipe - an alternative way to typing on smart phones Hunt and peck for keys is just too slow for me. Swiping is an alternative way of entering text on your smart phone. In this video I will be demonstrating … Read more


Augmented Reality – Our Solar System

Since Metaio no longer supports this technology, the demonstration in this post no longer works. Augmented reality (AR) is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as … Read more

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