Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most important question to ask before developing an App

Do you have a solid marketing plan to push your App to many users?
In our opinion this has to be the most important question to answer. Developing a great app and submitting it to Apple iTunes and/or Google Android will not be enough. You may need to consider online marketing strategy such as a website and social media etc. While offline, you may need to consider having a network to promote to or traditional media

How much do Mobile apps cost to create?

This depends on what the mobile app requires to do.
The more complicated the app is, the more work is required to develop.

For reference, one should have a budget starting at least $4,500.

This budget would be for either an iPhone app or and Android phone app.
(Android phones are normally recognised as a Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola and countless others)

To cost an app we need to first understand your requirements.
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Should we develop for iPhone or Android phones first?

Going iPhone first

If you know exactly what you want and the designs have been approved then we suggest iPhone first.
Why? Apple iTunes have a submission process where reviewers check to see it meets their standards. Other than this, the check makes sure the app is working well.

Submitting an app to iTunes does not mean it will automatically accepted.
So developing for Apple first will give you this challenge to ensure that your new app is quality approved. Google does not have this strong review process.

Going Android phones first

If you are in the mindset of experimenting and “see how it goes”- then going Google Android might be better. The reason for going Android device is because of the ease of deploying the app among your family, team and testers. You can quickly share a “build” (the app as an install-able single file) by simply emailing an attached file for them to download and install.

This is great for making quick updates then sharing or submitting to Google Play store.

Native Mobile Apps vs HTML5 Web-based Mobile Apps

Features / Benefits

Mobile Web

Access to all of device’s hardware?


Download from App store?


Need to re-download to see updates?


Requirement to set up your own payment gateway?


Operates quick and efficient?


Online distribution store?


Software Development Kit standards


App approval requirements?


App deployment speed?

Can be very slow

Work across multiple platforms and devices?


Can mobile apps connect online databases?

Yes, most definitely. While apps can be self contained meaning it can function without the Internet, Apps can be much more powerful and dynamic by connecting to live content.

This allows app to load and save information into online databases.


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