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Despite website has been around for over two decades, business owners are still confused by the fundamentals of what makes up a website.

In today’s topic I’ll be talking about domain names, web hosting, the website itself and why it is important for business owners to know these things.

Today – despite that websites has been around for quite a while and in business we know that website’s have become more and more important to our online presence.

Whether we are selling a product or a service online, it’s the fact that we need to have our presence online to allow our prospective buyers, customers and clients to be able to get

  • information about services and products
  • our opening hours
  • where we are

I’m finding so many business owners lack the fundamental knowledge about having a website.
We all know about website but there are 2 other areas that you should also be familiar with, especially your domain name and web hosting.

To help you understand the fundamentals, think of it like this

  1. Website = building
  2. Web hosting = the land that the building sits on
  3. Domain name = street signs to allow people to find your building

It is important that you have login access to all of these 3..

However if you only have 1 set of access, make sure you have the login details for the Domain name.

You can always get another website or web hosting but the your Domain name shows visitors where you are.

If someone else has control then they can easily point the domain name to a different web site.

Do you have the login details to your domain?



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