What is a QR code?

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Why are QR codes valuable for marketing?

The marketing potential of QR codes lies in the fact that they are free to generate and have a hyperlinking capability. You can generate and print your own QR codes for free here on this page.

How are QR codes used in marketing?
QR codes can be used on various media from billboards and business cards to custom made chocolate and coupons. Its application is practically endless and the more imaginative your marketing, the more likely you will generate interest for your business.

The effectiveness of QR codes can be measured
The benefit of inbound marketing is that you can accurately measure the marketing cost of sales. Until now, with offline media like print or billboards, you were not able to measure this effectively. With QR codes, you can measure results based on clicks and leads.
Link-shortening services bit.ly and goo.gl now automatically generate a QR code for sharing your shortened links.

QR codes can be used for calls to action
You can link the codes to videos, stories about a product, launching a web site, audio commentaries, just to name a few.  You can program the code to deliver a text message with a promo code to get a discount. Or you can have “Call us” and “Email us” messages, where people scan the code and automatically call or email.

What do I use to scan QR codes?
Any smartphone or tablet device user can download a free QR code reader app onto their device and start using it to scan any QR code they come across for free.  That’s right, this technology is FREE so why not use it to enhance your online marketing today?


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